Texas Smackdown Tailgaters

Texas Smackdown Tailgaters is the unofficial destination for all Texas Longhorns sports fans looking to forever change the face of tailgating at The University of Texas at Austin. Come early. Be loud. Stay late. Wear orange.

Starting on Saturday September 14th, 2013, tailgating at The University of Texas was forever changed! Texas Smackdown Tailgaters hosted its first ever tailgate located just off the north east corner of Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium at LBJ lawn. Hosted by Texas Ex Lifetime Members in association with Texas Football T-Ring Holders, Texas Smackdown Tailgaters started what has become the destination for tailgating before Texas home football games. 

As you know, Texas is now emphasizing The Longhorn Stampede, which starts in the North East corner of the stadium at the corner of 23rd & East Campus Drive. The Longhorn Stampede is the football team’s walk through the crowd of fans on game day, down 23rd street and into the north end of the stadium. The 2012 football season was the first year this was put into action. The goal in the future is to make it bigger, better and a whole lot more “legit”. You do that by tailgating in front of the stadium! 

With a sense of urgency that the environment creates for the coaches & players to put their best foot forward on game day, the fans bring pure adrenaline to Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. The team takes their march 2 hours and 15 minutes before kick off into the stadium and Texas Smackdown Tailgaters is there to greet them. 

Texas is indeed the best place to come play football in the country. Therefore its only fitting that Texas Smackdown Tailgaters hosts the best tailgate scene in the country.

And don't forget! Come early. Be loud. Stay late. Wear orange. And Hook Em Horns!

Founded by: Sorush Shawn Abboud, Scott Derry, Luke Tiemann

Texas Smackdown Tailgaters Event