Flask Section 106 Tailgaters

A die-hard group of Texas Longhorn fans that have been tailgating together since the 1994 football season. We have been in Lot 7 (across from the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum) since 1997. Long before the lot was paved and the Great State of Texas charged us to tailgate. in 2019 we have moved to Lot 3 - NE corner of 15th & Colorado Streets

In the beginning there were eight of us (friends & family with season tickets), now our "family" numbers well over 100 each tailgate. Friends and family dating back to our UT days. Friendships built through student orgs. like Alpha Phi Omega-Alpha Rho Chapter (yeah, the "flag people" but we did way more service projects than flag runs) and The Tejas Club and other orgs. Come find us every Texas Longhorns game on 15th and Colorado Streets. We co-sponsor a brisket cook-off each year in Lot 7. Wev hope to re-start the cook-off once we have settled into a long-term tailagte home spot. The proceeds go to a different charity that is selected by the group each year. We've raised more than $5,000 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, The Lung Association, and Autism Society. We try to select a cause that has affected or is affecting Lot 7 Tailgaters.

Flask Section 106 Tailgaters Event