Bevo Ballers

Located in Lot #8 at 16th & Colorado

The Bevo Ballers Tailgate is a friends & family, kid-friendly tailgate. We are all tailgating together in good spirits, celebrating the tradition of Texas Longhorn football.

Our tailgate is possible because of our amazing tailgate committee and our generous sponsors! We support local businesses in the Austin area. We are very loyal to the businesses who sponsor us and we support each and every one as if they are family.

We give back to the community and to charities through fund raisers, donations, hurricane relief drives, etc. In 2017 we were able to collect multiple truck loads of relief items/food for hurricane victims in Houston TX. In the 2018 tailgate season we raised money for the Make-A-Wish foundation through a black jack tournament.

We are always looking for new ways and ideas to raise money for charity. 

Bevo Ballers Event