How it Works

Tailgatexchange makes it easy to set up and manage or seek out and attend tailgate parties. The price is up to each tailgate party host, so this could be any dollar amount they determine or free. It can be a public event or private event. 

For tailgate party hosts:

Create an account and sign in

Select the option to List Your Party

Enter the required information for your event

Chose whether your party is public or private 

If your party is private, choose an password that you can send your guests so that they are the only ones who can access the event.

If your party has a website, list it in the URL space, then provide a description of the event in the box below. Be sure to include what you will be providing - food, drinks, music, games, etc. Also, include some information about your parties general rules and etiquette. 

For your event category, list whether it is a Tailgate Party or Viewing Party, then select the organization for which the party is being listed

If you have not yet created an organization, click the Add New link and create your organization profile

Next you can decide if you want these tickets to be free or if you want to charge for tickets

List a description for what you get for each different type of ticket

Lastly add any social media links for information about your event, choose whether your are ready to publish or save the event as a draft, whether or not you want to display the number of tickets remaining for the event, and submit.