About Us

Hi everyone,

I’m Eddie, the one in the picture, second from the left. I started working on Tailgatexchange about five years ago. Tailgatexchange is a service that allows sports fans to discover and attend tailgate parties while tailgate party hosts can list, monetize, and/or display what they add to the game day pageantry. I’m also hoping it becomes a guide for sports fans to seek out information about sporting events and the cultural norms of different fan bases to have more authentic experience when they attend.


This idea came about because my friends and I found ourselves in situations over time when we traveled and spent a lot of money to experience sporting events but found ourselves as outsiders looking in.


For example, in 2009 I moved to Kansas City for a new job along with a bunch of other new hires and none of us knew the lay of the land like what parties were accepting of new comers. Eventually it worked out, but there was definitely a learning curve and good times we missed out on.


Same thing happened at a USC football game. A few of my friends and I went to LA and make it a point to experience a Dodgers and USC game. The Dodgers game was fine but we found ourselves missing out on the fun the next day at the football game. It was three of us standing around a 30 pack watching everyone have fun and we kept talking about how great it would be if there was a listing for tailgate parties. Then we could pay the host for his efforts, food, drinks, etc. and connect with some local fans to have a truly immersive experience. Sure, we’re pretty outgoing but walking into a tailgate and asking to join can still be awkward. Even if you get an invite from a friend of a friend, it can be a little weird. “Is it cool to eat? I brought beer? Is there anyone I can chip in to?”


In 2014 the same problem arose when planning a trip to the running of the bulls. We found articles and pieced together information, but it was difficult to find a clear-cut game plan to follow.


This type of thing kept happening.


I was fortunate enough to work in sports for about 10 years so I got the opportunity to experience a lot of the subculture that exists in sports but think about the things people miss out on if they don’t know abou the fashion, food, traditions, and everything else that makes game day what it is – frat beach for the Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, Friday Night Yell at Texas A&M, kayaking in McCovey cove for a Giants baseball game, and on, and on, and on.


I found a need for some kind of guide to help traveling or new fans experience teams like a local.


So here’s Tailgatexhange, a social marketplace for fans to connect with people and provide tailgate party access and a guide about travel, food, traditions, and everything else that relates to experience.


Tailgatexchange is not where it needs to be but it’s getting there. Over the years it seems the biggest success has been convincing others this is a business model worth perusing as well, like the following.

· Tailgate Nation

· Open Gaters 

· Tailgate Connect 

· TeamTailgateApp

· Tailgates

I hope we all find success in creating the new way people find and enjoy experiences together.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Tailgate exchange works, you can find out here.


If you’re interested in the company, want to chat or have any questions, feel free to give me a shout at 915 706-0950 or email me at edgamez@thegameplanmedia.com


If you see your tailgate party on here, it’s because the platform aggregates tailgate parties and adds the to the site. I recommend claiming your profile.


Happy Tailgating!